Picture a combined database for all your data—from your core system to your ancillary systems. Now picture access to that data in a variety of different combinations through a central portal. Now you’ve got a clear picture of the biggest benefit of BNControl: crossover correlations involving data from all of your systems, including loans, deposits, operations, compliance, and tellers.

BNControl gives your employees access to information to enhance their efficiency, so they can offer better customer service. The result: A clearer perspective that improves overall profitability.

BNControl Diagram

BNControl can aggregate and present data like you've never seen before. Our standard reports give you complete access to manage your Past Dues, Maturing Loans and Deposits, New and Closed Accounts, Customer Profitability and so much more. Here are just a few of the core reporting features...

  • 250+ standard, ready to use reports
  • Filter by branch, market, officer and sort the data just how you like
  • Export reports to Excel for further analysis and customization
  • Go back in time and view historical data

Flex Reports

Our Flex Report engine gives you the ability to customize reports for your needs. Every financial institution is unique and have different requirements. Over 150 standard reports are Flex Reports that give you the ability to...

  • Add and Remove Columns
  • Add Conditional formatting
  • Create Aggregates
  • Rename Column Headers
  • Reorder Columns
  • Generate Flex Letters
  • Export to PDF & Board Packages

Flex Letters

Automatically create custom letters for Customers, Loan Accounts, or Deposit Accounts from Flex Reports such as...

  • Birthday Letters
  • Past Due Notices
  • Loan or Deposit Maturity Notices
  • Overdraft Notices


All Flex Reports have the ability to be exported to CSV (Excel), or PDF format. If you're building a board package, you can also export the report directly to a pending board package.

Custom Reports

If you need something more specific, we'll try our best to create a custom report that gives you access to what you need...for free.

As a BNControl customer, you will benefit from our continually growing customer base. As custom report requests are made, there's a good chance someone else can use the same information. When applicable, we'll try to incorporate your custom report request into a standard BNControl report.

The BNControl Financial Reporting module gives you the power to build your financials, your way. With powerful customization options, drill-down capabilities and high-level views, seeing your bank's financial performance has never been easier.

Financial Reports

Viewing and navigating your balance sheet and income statement has never been this easy.

Customize your view to see MTD and YTD changes by balance or percentage, balance differences, or a condensed version of the financial report.

When viewing a condensed view, you can drill down to accumulated category to see more detail.

Drill Down to the Details

The details are just a click away. Drill down to the...

  • Account
  • Category
  • Branch
  • Market
  • Transactions

Yields, Costs, and Ratios

BNControl automatically calculates your yields, costs, and ratios allowing you to focus on what's important.

By clicking any of the yields, costs, or ratios you can see a detailed view of how the calculation was performed, including which GL groups make up the calculation and when totals are being annualized.

Yields and Costs are available as Year to Date, or Month to Date calculations.


Budgeting made easy. The BNControl budgeting tool gives you the power and flexibility to create your budget exactly how you want to. Project balances and rates and let the budgeting tool automatically balance the balance sheet and create the income statement.

  • Create multiple budgets per year
  • Budget by branch
  • Roll branch level budgets into a single budget
  • Budget from the Interest Margin Analysis
  • View summary to compare against previous year
  • See projected key performance ratios
  • Print budget by (All, Quarterly Averages, Year-End)
  • Export to CSV and Board Package

Available Budgeting Tools

  • Change by percentage
  • Maintain a percentage of total
  • Accumulate / Accruals
  • Carry fixed amount forward
  • Manually input entries
  • Copy and Paste from Excel

Executive Summary

The one stop shop to see Growth, Financial Performance, and Portfolio Quality.


  • Assets
  • Loans
  • Deposits
  • Loan to Deposits


  • Net Income
  • Return on Assets
  • Return on Equity
  • Tier 1 Capital
  • Interest Income


  • Net Interest Margin
  • Delinquency
  • Cost of Funds
  • Non-Accruals
  • Maturities

Interest Margin Analysis

Have you ever wanted to adjust rates and balances on your assets and liabilities to see how it effects earnings? Use the Interest Margin Analysis tool to see the projected affects of rate and balance changes on Interest Income, Interest Expense, Earning Assets, and your Net Interest Margin.

Board Package

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Yields, Costs, & Ratios
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Budgets
  • Audits / Exceptions
  • Upload Custom Documents
  • Notate Where a Motion is Required

BNControl helps you create and manage your board packages with ease and flexibility by giving you the ability to create financials, graphs and charts, and upload custom documents.

When you're finished, you can lock and archive the board package for safe keeping.

Custom Report Builder

Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Yields, Costs, and Ratios are standard reports, but when you need something more specific, use our Custom Report Builder to create your own reports. The Custom Report Builder gives you the ability to create a report using any of the following items:

  • GL Groups
  • Standard Components
  • Bank Defined Fields
  • Financial Ratios
  • Accumulators
  • Headers, Spacers, Text

With consistency comes confidence. The Lending module brings consistency to your daily loan operations. Management can access and review the credit memos from any location within the bank.

Loan Worksheet / Credit Memo

The Lending worksheet gives you an easy and fast way to complete a worksheet/memo with confidence and consistency across your institution while keeping you in compliance. Our worksheet features:

  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Flexible input allows unlimited customers, income sources, assets, and liabilities
  • Real time totals and percentages are calculated as the worksheet is completed
  • Auto-saving prevents you from losing any data
  • Easily perform "What if?" modeling
  • Collect Tax Return financials, address and document income discrepancies
  • Real time feedback shows potential problems before completing the worksheet

Loan Review

Reviewing loans and tracking exceptions has never been this quick and easy. Using BNControl's audi tracking system, you can easily Document the exception and see it through completion.

LTV Analysis

A comprehensive LTV Analysis that gives you a complete picture of how cross-collateralizing affects policy and regulatory LTV limits.

  • Create simple or complex LTV analyses
  • See how cross collateralization affects the overall LTV
  • Automatically run new analysis based on new account balances
  • Track Policy, Regulatory, and Declining Value LTV Exceptions

This dashboard is just for you. Fully flexible, and customizable to fit your needs. The BNControl dashboard contains widgets for Deposits, Loans, Management, Financials, and other tools such as calendar tools, and account number generators.

Setup links and access points to everything in your institution to help keep your employees connected.

  • Communicate company announcements and alerts
  • Share photos
  • Share files on your network
  • Create and manage web links in a central location
  • Search for links, reports, and forms
  • Secure areas - only give access to those who need access
  • A central place to access policies and procedures

Flex Forms

BNControl's Flex Forms allow you to create and design forms for any use. Each form automatically has a corresponding report to make tracking and logging a breeze. Add statuses to your forms to create process-driven forms for greater efficiency throughout your financial institution.

  • Organize forms into groups
  • Create and design any custom form
  • Add custom questions and fields such as check boxes, radio buttons, select lists, and more
  • Add headers, descriptions, and links to website
  • Attach custom documents
  • Allow user's to upload attachments to a form
  • Track forms and create processes by adding statuses to a flex form
  • Flexible reporting allows you to track forms that are submitted and updated
  • Upload custom forms (Word Document, PDF, Spreadsheet, etc)

Work Anniversaries


Employee Directory

Photo Gallery

Create and share photo albums of your financial institution or community events.

Folder Browser

Easily setup file shares with employees.


Send out announcements about the latest news, sponsored events, & more!

Action Items puts the spotlight on items that need your attention. Pick and choose which items you want to monitor such as Past Dues, Maturities, Low Balance Loans, Credit Insurance Renewals, and more!


  • Past Dues
  • Maturing Loans
  • Account Cleanup
  • Low Balance Loans


  • Maturing Deposits
  • Account Cleanup
  • Pending Documents
  • Account Cleanup


We can also create custom Action Items tailored just for you. For free.

With 250+ standard reports, financial reports, forms and more you'll likely find some that are your favorites. Quickly tag any report, financial report, form, or form report as a favorite.

You can also customize the sort order and add headers to your favorites to accommodate your daily work flow.

Because BNControl aggregates your data from your core and ancillary systems, we can give you a complete profile view of your customer. Relationship Banking allows you to:

  • See the customer's cost of funds, yield and net interest margin.
  • Research transactions, account notices, notes, and documents
  • Relationship price with confidence by seeing the entire picture

Sales Opportunities

  • Easily identify sales opportunities
  • Quickly send a referral
  • Identify pending referrals

Easy Access To

  • Deposit Accounts
  • Loan Accounts
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Notices

By using Relationship Banking you can submit a new referral in a matter of seconds. Choose what you want to refer (new loan, deposit, insurance, etc.), choose who you want to send the referral to and you're finished.

Once a referral is submitted, you can monitor how the referral was handled from start to finish. At any point, add comments, check the referral status, or even send the referral to a different person.

Referral Reports gives you instant access to who's making referrals by user or branch, which referrals are being successfully closed and which ones are being denied.

BNControl does the heavy lifting by combining all the necessary data sources to give you access to the information required to manage your BSA program. Easily monitor...

  • Risk Monitor List
  • Large Cash Items and Currency Report
  • ACH Transactions
  • New Customer CIP
  • Official Checks by Account
  • Wires & International ACHs
  • Bill Pay & Online Banking Transactions
  • Global Details by TaxID - View all transaction activity by customer and date range

Vendor Management

Take control of your vendor management process with one easy tool. The Vendor Management module allows you to:

  • Organize and Manage Vendors in one place
  • Track expiring and auto-renewing contracts
  • Store and archive all vendor documents
  • Track missing and expired documents
  • Create and manage vendor contacts
  • Add notes for reminders and follow-ups
  • Risk Rate Vendors

Audit Tracking

Audit & Exception Tracking made simple. The Audit Tracking Module allows you to manage internal audits, third-party audits, exams, loan review and customer reviews. Tracking findings and exception responses from beginning to end.

  • Create any type of audit
  • Attach original documents to the audit
  • Log and tracking all audit findings
  • Assign findings to users for response
  • View reports to see outstanding audit responses

FACTA/Red Flag

Is your Red Flag program automated and easily tracked? BNControl provides a checklist review procedure and a system that monitors when a checklist should be completed for a customer. In addition to the checklist, it also provides a series of reports that help you comply with Red Flag rules by monitoring...

  • Transactions on inactive and dormant accounts
  • Line of Credit transactions within the first 90 days
  • Late payments made within the first 30/90 days
  • Anomalous Account Usage, indicating possible identity theft

OFAC & 314(a) Scanning

Financials Institutions are required to scan it's customers and transactions to help identify customers involved in criminal activities. BNControl can help automate this process by scanning:

  • Customers
  • Bank Checks
  • Wires
  • ACHs - Incoming/Outgoing
  • Custom Files


  • Create checks for customer, non-customer, or internal use
  • Account level validation for customer checks
  • Quick, stream-lined reconciliation
  • Print checks on pre-printed stock, or blank stock
  • Check numbers generated automatically

Use BNControl to setup any checks your institution currently uses such as Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, Loan Proceeds, Vendor Checks, etc.

When you use BNControl to issue official checks, tellers can quickly verify the check before cashing or making the deposit. You'll also benefit from being able to reconcile the official checks account in minutes.

Track all wires, both international and domestic, with ease. You can build profiles that will allow you to very quickly submit new wires.

When BNControl is used to track wires, the information gets compiled in other reports used for compliance.

What our customers think...

"By combining the information from all of our different banking systems into BNControl we are able to measure and analyze the data that matters the most. BNControl also presents our Bank's vital information interactively and in a clear and user-friendly format, ensuring delivery of the right information, to the right people, at the right time."

Mark Hayes, Chairman/CEO
First National Bank

"BNControl provides better insight into our data, empowering the bank with new tools to improve cross sales, measure productivity, customer profitability, bank profitability and others. We use BNControl as a "scorecard" to track results and measure the performance of the bank, our customers and our employees."

Rhonda Dowden, IT Executive
Merchants & Farmers Bank & Trust Company

"BNControl enabled our Bank to rapidly and efficiently achieve our profitability goals and strategic objectives. Our examiners and auditors appreciate BNControl as much as we do, and I highly recommend BNControl to any community bank."

Carl T. (Tommy) Burns Jr., President/CEO
Heritage Community Bank

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