Software developed by bankers for bankers.

What is Oculus?

Oculus represents our mission - to provide your financial institution with a clearer perspective through innovative software and solid support. Oculus software allows you and your customer to focus in on what matters most. We strive to provide a solution that's simple, clear, and effective.

Our Story

Simply put, BNControl was created because bankers needed better access to their data so better and more informed decisions could be made.

BNControl was originally created inside a live banking environment. The continued development of BNControl is driven by a select group of software development professionals and feedback from our clients. BNControl maximizes the efficiency of your core banking system, creates a competitive and productive working environment for your employees and provides better value for your customers by promoting customer loyalty.

What started as a basic Intranet and Reporting System has grown into a comprehensive set of tools that truly helps a financial institution operate from Teller row to Executive Management. Over the past several years, the BNControl solution has been enriched with a Financials Module, Lending Module, Flex Forms, OFAC Scanning, 314(a) scanning, and more.